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I’m Julee Ireland and I’m here to help you create the home of your dreams! I’m a Los Angeles & Houston-based real estate investor, interior design architect, DIY expert, TV host, and award-winning author.

Designing, renovating, building, or flipping your dream home?

If you find yourself wishing your home could look like the ones in your favorite interior design magazines or the ones you spend hours pinning on Pinterest…then you’re going to love my newest creations—the Home Renovation Hub and School and the Home Renovation Box, launching this Holiday Season!

I’m more than “just” an interior designer

You should know I am NOT your typical designer. Why? Because I LOVE to get my hands dirty! In fact, demo day is my favorite day when I’m renovating a home or taking apart something old to make it new again.

While other designers focus on just the finishing touches, I dig deep to make sure you learn everything you actually need to know to get those high-end, luxury looks you’re after (and how to get them for DIY prices).

As a designer and builder, it’s my job to teach you about all aspects of the building process – from architecture to interior design, framing to plumbing, electrical, lighting, …and every last detail in between.

So how do I know all of this?

In my videos, articles, and courses, I reveal the exact process I use with my own Interior Design/Build firm to create beautiful, swoon-worthy spaces across the country.

You get full access to everything I’ve learned while designing, building, flipping, and renovating hundreds of homes across the United States—from custom-built houses to full-scale renovations—working with some of the largest residential home builders in America.

If you want to save yourself time, money, and tons of frustration while creating the home of your dreams, you should check out my Home Renovation School! I hope to see you inside!


Home Renovation

Do you want to save time and money and learn how to design, renovate, or build your dream home with designer finishes just like a pro?

Join the Home Renovation School today and learn the exact process that I use to create beautiful swoon-worthy spaces.

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