DIY on the Fly™-Decorative Watercolor Accent Pillows

With June gloom just around the corner, did you know that decorative accent pillows are the easiest way to change up and revive a tired room? It’s true, just by adding a new bright and cheerful color or pattern to your room you can turn June gloom into a beautiful bloom.

As an artist, I love to paint with watercolor, mostly because of the daring dance and musical melody the melding of color play on a canvas.  To me, it’s the perfection in the imperfection™ that I adore so much.  It’s that magic that takes place when blending multi-dimensional layers of color and how they all seen to culminate together so brilliantly in the end that always amazes me.  So, with watercolor on my mind, I thought I would share with you a simple, DIY on the Fly™ under $25 project that incorporates a watercolor finish with a pillow to create a refreshing new look for your room; Decorative Watercolor Accent Pillows. They are easy to make and won’t break the bank.  They also make a great gift for a house warming party, birthday or wedding celebration, or for your family and friends.  You can also easily do this project with your kids for their bedroom, playroom or as a gift for their favorite teacher!

We learn so much through art. It’s takes us to a place where we can think freely, express ourselves and build our self-esteem in the process. So don’t be afraid to get creative and Be You! After all, perfection is in the imperfection™ truly by design.  Here’s how you do it.

Photo Credit: Brit + Co
Photo Credit: Brit + Co


Supply List:

Plain Canvas White Pillows

Sharpie Markers

Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle

Note: You can find all of these supplies at Target and your local craft or sewing supply store such as Michaels.

Step One: Using your pillow and sharpie pens draw your desired pattern, design or words onto your pillow.

Step Two: To give your completed pillow design a wonderful watercolor effect all you have to do is spray your rubbing alcohol onto your pillow until you achieve the look you love.

Step Three:  Let dry.

Happy crafting and enjoy your new beautiful watercolor pillows! I would love to see and share your creations so please feel free to email them to me at juleeireland@gmail.com.

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