Sheet Music Gift Wrap

I love the art of gift wrapping.  For me, the little details and the presentation of the gift are what matters most.  I adore this idea of using sheet music, old or new to wrap up your special gift for a unique touch.  You can take it a step further and search for music that matches the occasion.  Maybe it’s the Happy Birthday song for a birthday gift, a special song that takes you and a friend back in time, or a love sonnet such as “The Greatest Love of All” for an anniversary.
As a final detail try adding a vintage brooch, decorative button, or old piece of jewelry on top of a beautiful ribbon.  Whatever the occasion, this simple do-it-yourself gift wrap idea has a truly deeper meaning that adds to the gift itself.  So, next time you have a gift to give try adding a some music to your wrap and watch as you evoke a melody of pure joy!
Send us photo’s of your beautifully wrapped creations.  We would love to post them and show them off for you.

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