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Julee Ireland
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Julee Ireland featured in the March/April issue
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Simplicite' by julee ireland featured in
GIFT SHOP Magazine

Simplicite' featured in
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Haute Hostess

Julee Ireland's Simplicite

(Photo Credit: Eric Larson)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but allow me to let you all in on a disturbing yet axiomatic truth: we are currently in the throes of an all-consuming technological revolution, and there's no end in sight. Facebook, email, laptops, Twitter, texting, the shameless hoarding of apps if you're not plugged in, society will surely kick you out (at least figuratively). I'm a mere twenty-three years old, and I already find myself wishing for those oh-so-elusive simpler times full of handwritten notes and genuine communiques. Thankfully, it seems as though I'm not the only one.

Julee Ireland, founder and creator of  Simplicite Greetings, is bringing simple back and making it more appealing than ever. Ireland's products, which include stationary, greeting cards, bath and body products, organic soy candles, and her trademark greeting card soaps, stand out as a tangible representation of amity in a world drowning in detachment. Her designs are whimsical and elegant, effortless and charming; it's no wonder her creations are winning over both customers and distributors alike.

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